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The Pistol

The iPTS 1700 is an electronic training pistol device, incorporating Teksilon’s proprietary Fusion Sensor Technology with the look, feel and features of a real pistol and connects wirelessly with both a smartphone or tablet and the interactive iPTS Target. The iPTS 1700 Training Pistol safely replicates the functions of some of America’s most popular pistols, allowing you to become a safer, more capable pistol owner without having to spend valuable time and money on range fees and ammo.

The Target

The iPTS Interactive Target connects wirelessly with your iPTS 1700 Training Pistol allowing each shot to be displayed in real time on your smartphone and recorded for each training session. Lightweight and portable, the iPTS target sets up quickly and allows you to practice and train virtually anywhere, anytime.

The App

The customizable iPTS Virtual Trainer™ app is available for both Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhone® and iPad®. It includes the ability to set up multiple user profiles and features a quick start preset guest user profile; several practice and training drill combinations; provides real-time voice guidance prompts, safe handling warnings, and sound effects; enables you to playback sessions on a target hit-by-hit basis, offers detailed shot metrics including trigger pull direction, draw time to fire, angle of the pistol, speed and accuracy; allows you to select the number of magazines and rounds per magazine, per session; records and stores each session; and allows exporting of sessions results that you can email to friends or instructors.

A Smarter Pistol Training System

iPTS moves well beyond simple “point-and-shoot” methods. It’s the intelligent new standard for safe, interactive firearms training because it challenges you, provides guidance, detailed metrics and a record of your training sessions to measure your improvement over time. The iPTS works with common firearms accessories (holsters, laser attachments, flashlight attachments and more) and provides shooters the feedback they need to improve their speed, accuracy and marksmanship.

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