You Asked For Recoil, We Added It.

BREAKING NEWS: The team developing the interactive Pistol Training System has been listening to our followers and we’ve made a significant enhancement to the iPTS 1700 Training Pistol so it will behave even more like a real pistol. Teksilon engineering has developed an Intelligent Recoil for the iPTS 1700 Training Pistol. The iPTS Intelligent Recoil™ uses a new proprietary method that retracts the racking slide on each trigger pull and stays in the racked position after shooting the last virtual round from the programmed magazine. We call it Intelligent Recoil because it’s user programmable for speed and slide travel to better simulate the timing and action of various pistol models and more rapid fire action. Unlike CO2 cartridge recoil; the iPTS intelligent recoil emits no gas or lingering odor after each trigger pull.

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