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What Is The Interactive Pistol Training System?

The Interactive Pistol Training System, or iPTS, is an affordable, safe way to improve your pistol skill without having to take a trip to the range. By using a cutting-edge blend of proprietary sensor fusion technology, the iPTS system not only tracks the movement of the muzzle of the iPTS pistol, it tracks the motion of the pistol itself.

Why Is Tracking Gun Motion So Important?

Consistent aiming and a smooth trigger press are two of the trickiest elements in pistol marksmanship. The iPTS records both the location of the muzzle of the gun and the movement of the gun itself so it can give instant feedback about how you are holding your gun when you press the trigger on the iPTS Target. The iPTS app records the hits on the iPTS target and where the gun was aimed when you pulled the trigger, giving you immediate feedback about what went wrong and what went right with every trigger press.

Why Dry Fire?

Firearms instructors have known for decades that a smooth, consistent trigger press is the key to accuracy when shooting a pistol. Achieving the smoothness and consistency needed for on-demand accuracy, though, can cost you a lot of money in ammunition and range fees. Dry-fire can reduce the cost of both of those, but pressing the trigger in the privacy of your own home offers you little opportunity for understanding what you need to do to get better. You can press the trigger and see if your sights move all you want, but until you understand how your gun is moving as you press the trigger, you won’t know what you need to do to improve your accuracy. The iPTS introduces a feedback loop into the dry-fire process, allowing you to clearly see what happened with each virtual shot and quickly develop your pistol skill

Does The iPTS 1700 Feel Like A Real Gun?

The iPTS 1700 is a blend of Americas’s most-popular pistols. The trigger has a 5.5 pound pull; Interchangeable front and rear sights; weight simulated magazines; fits in holsters designed for most common pistols and is compatible with many common pistol brand accessories; interchangeable hand grips and a mounting plate for optional red dot optics (optics not included).

Does The iPTS 1700 Have Recoil?

Yes. The iPTS 1700 has an Intelligent Recoil™ system. The iPTS Intelligent Recoil™ uses a new proprietary method that retracts the racking slide on each trigger pull and stays in the racked position after shooting the last virtual round from the programmed magazine. We call it Intelligent Recoil because it’s user-programmable for speed and slide travel to better simulate the timing and action of various pistol models and more rapid fire action. Unlike CO2 cartridge recoil; the iPTS intelligent recoil emits no gas or lingering odor after each trigger pull

Does The iPTS Show Hits In Real-Time?

The base iPTS tracks and records the location of each shot fired towards the iPTS Target frame and displays your results on the iPTS App after each course of fire or session. Your hits and times for each session can be saved and downloaded in order to track your progress.

Can More Than One iPTS Pistol Be Used At A Time?

At this time, the sensors in the iPTS target frame are tied to one specific iPTS pistol. However, multiple people can set up their own training session on iPTS app and compete or train together.

What Targets Are Included With The iPTS?

The iPTS frame uses targets based on industry standards.

Our Bullseye Target uses a commonly-available, familiar target that measures and tracks your ability to place precise hits on-target, on-demand.

The iPTS Competition/Tactical Target has scoring zones that are similar to the target zones used in practical shooting competitions and defensive firearms classes, With this target, you can easily develop and enhance the pistol skills you need to shoot quickly and confidently on the range or in real-life.

Does The iPTS App Work on Android or iOS?

The iPTS app will be available for both the Android and iOS platforms.

What's Included With The iPTS 1700?

The iPTS training system will initially ship with an iPTS 1700 pistol; a target frame with a two sided target insert; two magazines; a USB cable to connect the pistol to your computer; an A/C power adaptor for charging the iPTS 1700 pistol and the target frame and a detailed instruction manual.

Do you need to rack the slide for each shot?

No, like a real pistol, you need to rack the slide only once after inserting a magazine, and then you can shoot until the magazine is empty.

Can I “shoot” as many rounds as I want?

Just ike a real pistol the mag has a limited number of rounds. In the app you must set the number of rounds per magazine. The default value is 10 rounds. For example if the mag load is 10, the mag will be empty after 10 shots and the pistol will stop shooting. There is also an option for unlimited amounts of “rounds” in your magazine.

What happens when the magazine is empty?

After shooting the last round, the app will generate a double beep sound to indicate the magazine is empty. If the user attempts to shoot, nothing will happen and the double beep will sound again. The user must change the magazine to resume shooting.

How do I change the magazine?

Like a real pistol, you press the eject button which will drop the mag, then you insert a new mag. To start shooting you must rack the slide after inserting a new mag.

What is the purpose of finger in trigger guard warning?

For safety reasons the user should never insert his finger in the trigger guard unless his sights are on target. If the user inserts his finger when not aiming on target, the system will sound a warning voice prompt. The app records the number of finger on trigger violations per session so you can review and develop better safety habits. This may be disabled for more advanced users.

Will I know how fast I shoot?

Yes, similar to a real pistol, shooting accuracy vs. speed are tradeoffs, you will be more accurate when you take your time to aim at your target and less accurate when you shoot fast. The app keeps track of both accuracy, and time between rounds, and provides average time between shots during each session. All this data is recorded for future review.

Can I share my session results with others?

Yes, you can email a session or a number of sessions using the email system of your device (Smartphone or tablet).

Can other individuals use the system?

Yes, the app allows for multiple users and profile setups.

Can I customize my shooting session?

Yes, one of the important features of the app is that the user can setup their own personal preferences (Session Profiles) and even share them with others using email.
Once defined, the user can change them on a session-by-session basis.

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