The iPTS Virtual Trainer™ App

The first of its kind, the iPTS Virtual Trainer App is the heart of the iPTS 1700 Pistol Training system and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The iPTS App utilizes step by step voice prompts to effectively guide the shooter to improve target acquisition and accuracy while also using audio warnings to train the shooter on safe pistol handling, allowing shooters to quickly improve both their shooting ability and correct any unsafe habits. In addition to the voice and audio guidance, the iPTS App provides real time visual feedback of each shot location on the iPTS Target so the shooter can quickly correct without interrupted their training session.iPTS App

To combat the #1 source of poor pistol accuracy, the iPTS App tracks, records, and analyzes the movement of the pistol as the trigger is pulled; the hit location of each shot; as well as the time between shots in real time allowing the shooter to quickly master one of the trickiest elements of pistol marksmanship. The iPTS App stores all session details for historical playback and review.

Fully customizable, the iPTS App can improve and challenge all levels of shooters from beginners to expert. Shooters can create and store multiple practice and drill training session profiles, each with a unique set of features and target combinations based on their particular training requirements. Features include activation of voice guidance, audio warnings and sound effects; target type; number of rounds per magazine; number of magazines per session; number of misfires; and start time delay. The iPTS App also features a multi-user setup and preset guest user profile.

Comprehensive metrics provided in both real time and historical summary, the iPTS app records, analyzes and stores all key metrics of each practice or drill session to allow the shooter to utilize real time feedback to improve each shot without interruption or playback and review at the end of each session. Metrics include trigger pull; target accuracy; distance to target; time between each shot; number of misfires; number of audio warnings; total session time; number of magazine rounds, magazines used, and rounds fired; and total session score.

The iPTS App ties the features of the iPTS 1700 Pistol and iPTS Target together to create a virtual training system unlike anything else on the market today.

The iPTS App Key Features: 

  • Voice guidance prompts to guide you step by step on target acquisition and accuracy
  • Audio warnings to ensure safe pistol handling including finger in trigger guard
  • Visual real time shot location indicator on Interactive Target
  • Comprehensive Metrics in both real time and stored format
  • Customizable practice and drill session profiles
  • Enables playback of drill sessions in real-time on a target hit-by-hit basis
  • Saves and enables sending of session summaries to friends or instructors
  • Save session summaries to measure progress over time (days, weeks, months)
  • Supports profiles and sessions for multiple users on the same iPTS 1700 Pistol
  • Allows user to select number of virtual rounds and magazine per session
  • Fixed and random drill audio start prompts
  • Preset guest user profile
  • Sound effects to simulate live fire experience


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