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The iPTS Target works seamlessly with your iPTS Pistol and the iPTS App

Make Every Shot Count

Each iPTS Target sets up easily and quickly in its Target Frame on either a standard photo tripod (not included) or hangs on a wall for easy and fast daily use. Battery-powered and rechargeable with the included AC adapter, the iPTS Target Frame is lightweight and disassembles in two pieces for easy transport. The iPTS Target Frame ships with two foldable iPTS Target Inserts: A Defensive/Tactical Insert for balancing speed and precision shooting and a Bullseye Target for improving your accuracy on-demand.


  • Modular frame design
  • Two-sided interchangeable insert target
  • Can be folded in half for transportation
  • Battery-powered and rechargeable
  • Allows for tripod mounting and wall mounting (tripod not included)

iPTS Targets

iPTS Defensive/Tactical Insert Target Side-1:


Created to help you balance speed with precision, the iPTS Defensive / Tactical Target lets you hone your ability to compete in the practical shooting sports as well as help you prepare for your next tactical pistol class. These will be available in the near future through subscriptions like the monthly TacPack.  Built from the ground up for maximum flexibility and utility, the iPTS Defensive/Tactical Target is limited only by your imagination.

iPTS Bullseye Insert Target Side-2:


Designed with accuracy in-mind, the iPTS Bullseye Target is instantly familiar to anyone who has spent time at a shooting range.

The concentric rings of the Bullseye Target helps you place your shots with maximum precision and builds your skill and confidence in your gun-handling abilities.

The iPTS Interactive Monitor Target

The iPTS Interactive Monitor Targeting System is based on a 32″ HD LCD computer monitor. Rather than rely on interchangeable cardboard targets, the iPTS Interactive Monitor Target is fully programmable for target type, (including user customizable targets) size and has the ability to emulate field target distance from 5 meters to 30 meters.


  • Fully compatible with the iPTS 1700 Training Pistol and iPTS Virtual Trainer app
  • 32” HD LCD Monitor in portrait mode
  • Dimensions 43.4cm (17”) X 73cm (28.7”) X 6cm (2.4”)
  • Programmable and user customizable target pictures and videos (supports jpeg, gif, and mp4 file formats)
  • Indicates “bullet” hits on target
  • Provides sound effects
  • 5 meters to 30 meters virtual target emulation
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