The iPTS Is Arrow Certified… So What Does That Mean?

Campaigning At The Highest Level

There are a lot of crowdfunding campaigns out there, but only a few receive Arrow certification. Arrow Electronics certifying your Indiegogo campaign means that your campaign has been reviewed by some of the brightest minds in tech today and is ready for production. Here’s how Arrow describes what certification means to a crowdsourced campaign like the iPTS:

Arrow has reviewed this campaign and verified that the design is ready for manufacturing. In partnership with Indiegogo, the Arrow Certification program provides campaigners with design and engineering tools to create their vision, discounted materials to keep costs down and mentorship from Arrow’s engineers to address problems or setbacks before they happen. Arrow Certification is a seal of approval from experts in engineering.

Arrow Electronics, in case you were wondering, knows their stuff. They’re a Fortune 150 company that builds the electronic components that go into products from major manufacturers like IBM, Honeywell and others, and we couldn’t be happier to get the (literal) seal of approval on the iPTS.


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